Graphic rendition of a Color Chart after mixtures are applied

Chart Your Palette!

Artists who are serious about mastering color know the value of "doing the charts".

Nothing increases the mastery of your palette more effectively than the systematic creation of color charts with hue and value gradations for the colors in your palette.

Color Mixing Templates and Panels

Now ColorFrontier™ eliminates the need to mask and prepare charts with sticky tape by hand. A peel up mask with a grid of 55 square openings is placed upon a blank panel, ready for your paint, and provides for the value and mixture studies of an average, balanced palette of 11 colors or fewer as in the case of a limited palette. (Patent No. 6,857,875).


Limited Supply Now Available!!!

A set of 12 panels with templates in place and Free Shipping. $99 Total.

After months of delay, I am pleased to announce that everything is back up and running with my latest production, and it's better than ever. A 3 mm board thickness instead of the past 4 mm panel means the charts are 25% lighter and more portable. All edges are block planed by hand. A palette knife and some hangers are included with each set.

Thanks to everyone for your patience. We endured the direct, but thankfully mild hit of Hurricane Mathew with official US landfall designated as the "Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge" which is basically the front yard of my location, all 66,000 acres of it, and the namesake of the "Cape Romain" Color Chart Utility. The photo at the bottom of this page was taken at the cape.

So after finding the right letter press operator, designing the best die for the stencil cut, working with the best adhesives lab crew, setting up the silk screen printing station for the panels, renovating a new assembly and shipping center, etc...... ALL is now ready, but supplies are limited.


~~ For a PDF of Helpful Tips, click here.
~~ For a PDF describing a typical palette, click here.

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Recommended by Richard Schmid

”For anyone deterred from making the very important color charts because of the work involved in preparing the boards and squares, I recommend Randal McClure’s product. I wish his boards were available when I was doing my charts.” -Richard Schmid

Richard Schmid's book Alla Prima II - Expanded Edition has an excellent discussion about the purpose and method for doing the charts. (See Chapter 8)

Generally regarded as the art world's foremost book for painters seeking serious instruction in representational painting, Alla Prima-II is available at along with other great items, including Katie Swatland's "Companion" to Alla Prima-II, DVDs and much more.

NEW RELEASE- An exciting HD video download entitled "RICHARD SCHMID PAINTS MICHELLE DUNAWAY", A Film by Scott Burdick.

ala prima II

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New Mexico on the Rio Grande


Cape Romain Sunset at high tide

Photography by Sharon Cumbee.
The painting of the Angel can be seen in the "Map Gallery" at the Vatican;
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